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Seattle Labor Chorus: Home

Christmas Truce 2014


We are the musical voice of labor in Seattle- a chorus of about 40 singers from all walks of life who serve the labor community in song. We appear at rallies, protests, union meetings and on stages around the Seattle area to inspire and educate in four-part harmony. Come out and hear us sing! You can also request a performance for your union or join us in rehearsal. Click on "contact" for several ways to reach us. Also, visit us on Facebook.

Upcoming performances:

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

Northwest Folklife Festival

Labor Showcase - 8:00 to10:00 pm

Cornish Theater, Seattle Center
Seattle Washington [map]

It's that time of year again – our annual finale for the season at the Northwest Folklife Festival. This year’s labor showcase will be held on Saturday, May 23, 8:00 – 10:00 pm at the Cornish Theater (formerly named Intiman) and we are the 4th of a fabulous line-up.

8:00- Al Bradbury (the artist previously known as ET & the Boy). Al is currently the editor of Labor Notes, the national newsletter of labor’s left. But she is still writing her delightful parodies and original songs that so capture the state of our nation’s struggle for economic justice.

8:30 – Renaissance the Poet is an artist from Seattle who has been performing for over ten years and has set fire to over 200 stages. With a voice and a presence that commands attention, Renaissance enraptures audiences with his meticulously, calculated rhythms

9:00 – Sarah Laslett (the artist also known as the director of the Labor Education Research Center) accompanied by Tim Kennedy on keyboards, brings us the funk and jazz of the Solidarity movement.

9:30 – The good old Seattle Labor Chorus in full splendor with this year’s new pointed and brilliantly arranged songs of struggle and a few of our favorite golden oldies.

2015 QuiltNote too that there are just a few weeks left to purchase raffle tickets to win the Seattle Labor Chorus quilt. Labor Chorus alumna Susan Gordon has made another beautiful quilt, and it could be your turn to win it! The quilt raffle is one of the chorus's most important fundraisers, and we appreciate everyone's ongoing support. We’ll be selling them all weekend alongside the entrance to the courtyard adjacent to the Cornish Theater, or you can contact us by mail.

Ticket prices are $5 per ticket, 3 tickets for $10. For $20 you get 6 tickets and your choice of a free chorus CD -- either our classic "Songs of Working People" or the holiday parodies and songs of peace on "Ring It In." If you'd like to buy tickets, please send a check made out to SLC for the appropriate amount to Jim Douglas, 900 Warren Ave N, Seattle WA 98109. He will make sure that tickets in your name are in the drawing. And, if your check is large enough, he’ll send you the CD of your choice. So be sure to include your address.

Thank you for supporting the Seattle Labor Chorus! We look forward to seeing you at Folklife

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